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Gerald Busch MD – Houston Psychiatrist – “World Renowned”

Gerald Busch MD
Gerald Busch MD – The Birth Of A Awesome Psychiatrist!

If you are needing help for you or your loved one, then Gerald Busch MD is by far the best Psychiatrist in Houston. Gerald Busch MD is becoming one of the leading doctors not only in Texas, but the entire United States. Gerald Busch MD travels the country and is invited to speak at major universities, invited to be an expert on  major news and talk shows, and work with psychiatric hospitals to improve emergency psychiatric care.

Gerald Busch MD & Rachel Long -
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Gerald Busch MD The Birth Of A Expert  – “The Genious Doctor”

Gerald Busch MD began his career at one of the countries top universities: Harvard and graduated in 1977. Gerald Busch MD  worked extremely hard and graduated Suma Cum Laude with a BA in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Gerald Busch MD was and is  genius and nothing short of a brilliant doctor in the making at that time and still remains to this day. The University Of Texas Southwestern Medical School is one of the best medical schools in the country. After completing medical school there, Dr Gerald Busch MD decided to go to Baylor Medical School and completed his Internal Medicine internship at  in 1982. During Gerald Busch MD’s medical school years he initiated and lead major research on the progesterone receptor.  He was able to maintain lead direction over this project for several years at the Center for Population Research and Reproductive Biology. Gerald Busch MD completed this study in 1985.  Dr Gerald Busch MD completed his Psychiatry Residency at one of the leading Medical Schools in the country: The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. After excelling in very difficult academics, in 1989, he obtained a Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in 1990. Not only is Gerald Busch MD a Psychiatrist, he also decided to teach others to become experts in his primary field of Psychiatry. He was the main Professor of Psychiatry during the following year at UT Houston Medical School.

Gerald Busch MD & Rachel Long -
Executive Substance Treatment

Gerald Busch MD: The Leading Psychiatrist Emerges – Gerald Busch MD


gerald busch md
Gerald Busch MD – I Listen To My Patients And Help Them To Get Their Lives Back!


In 1990 Gerald Busch MD opened his first Psychiatric practice which immediately became very successful. Dr Gerald Busch MD is very kind and gets along with all his patients. His theory of practice is to place himself at the availability of others at all times. Gerald Busch MD’s main goals are for the security, happiness, and well-being of all of his patients never judging race, gender, or age. This is by far one of Gerald’s best qualities as a MD. He uses medication along with psychotherapy in his main Psychiatric Practice Philosophy.

For Dr. Gerald Busch MD, it is very important that the patient know that he is on their side for the improvement and success in stabilizing and overcoming mental illness or addiction. Gerald Busch MD is always willing to let the patient know that he is in their corner at all times no matter what. Dr Busch wants to help the patient with all of their medical and Psychiatric issues no matter the time of day or night. Gerald Busch MD is a doctor that wants to serve them as a merciful listener. Gerald Busch MD is very empathetic and this is one of the keys in his practice. Once Gerald Busch MD discusses treatment options with a patient, he wants to know 2 very important pieces of information: is the medical treatment working for the patient and does the patient feel comfortable at all times with the treatment options been given. A patient’s medical care is like a puzzle, each piece is put together one piece at a time. One of Dr Busch’s main suggestions to patients is: “If the shoes does not fit, do not wear it.” Just kidding. If a drug or medication is not working for a particular patient, then it is time to try a new medication or alternate therapy.

Dr Gerald Busch MD
Gerald Busch MD – Sign Of The Best Psychiatrist!


Gerald Busch MD is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology as Gerald Busch MD in the following:

  • Psychiatry
  • Psychiatry Child and Adolescent
  • Psychiatry Addiction Psychiatry (Added qualification)
  • Forensic Psychiatry (Added-qualification)
  • He is also a certified Medical Review Officer (MRO)


Gerald Busch MD & Rachel Long -
Executive Substance Treatment

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